Why Choose Principled Chiropractic?

There are a vast amount of way that chiropractic care can impact your daily life.  Many people are simply unaware of just how much chiropractic can improve their daily lives. If you’re unfamiliar with the practice, it’s easy to miss all of the benefits that regular chiropractic care can yield.

The specialization of Authority Chiropractic is Neurologically-based Principled Chiropractic Care. Chiropractic is a non-invasive, holistic and all-natural health care approach that looks at a person’s well-being in terms of their entire body rather than just the area where symptoms manifest. Your nervous system controls and coordinates ALL of the cells, tissues and muscles in your body. It is housed within your spine, and misalignments in the spine can affect the nervous system’s performance, greatly reducing your quality of life and potentially causing numerous health issues.

why choose chiropractic at Authority Chiropractic in San Antonio

Whole Body Health

Our focus is to diagnose, address and correct these pressures, subluxations and misalignments of the spine to address underlying issues of dysfunction ranging from the nerves and muscles to organs, tissues and even cellular problems. Chiropractic works to actively correct these issues by conducting complete and thorough analyses and adjustments of the spine, to restore the incredible natural healing abilities of the human body.

Specialized Principled Care 

At Authority Chiropractic, we specialize in the analysis, detection and correction of vertebral subluxations at the source to provide peak performance of the bodily system, and provide real and long-lasting relief from a variety of health care issues. Using only the most advanced technology and techniques, our primary goal is to effectively keep your spinal and nervous system functioning at optimal level to allow you a long and happy life.

What is Principled Chiropractic? 

While all chiropractic care focuses on healing the body through the spine, Principled Chiropractic is different in that it operates solely on a model designed to maintain and preserve optimal lifelong health. It does not simply seek to correct the current condition and symptoms, but to enhance proper function throughout life.

While most chiropractic methods provide effective temporary relief, true principled correction has lifelong benefits by correcting underlying major causes of ailments rather than simply addressing minor surface problems. Our society functions too much on a “sick care” model, which treats symptoms after they arise; Dr. Thor at Authority Chiropractic recommends regular preventative care to maintain spinal health for years.

Would you wait until your car engine fails before changing your oil? Of course you wouldn’t. Even more appropriate, would you wait until you’ve got a gum infection before you start brushing your teeth? The same applies to the health of your spine. Never wait for pain or injury—practice routine maintenance on your body instead! You only get one!

normal and misaligned spine diagram
diagram of the nervous system

How the Model Works? 

Chiropractic care was never designed to work on the sick care model by simply addressing current symptoms. This is unfortunate because principled care was the goal of chiropractic over 100 years ago when it was first introduced and developed.

Principled care works to identify and treat the underlying causes of health care concerns, to correct them at the source. It targets these base conditions rather than focusing on the symptoms they cause. Just as a doctor wouldn’t treat a heart attack through addressing numbness in the arm, a chiropractor shouldn’t target a nervous system disorder by easing pain solely in the leg.

For example, when a person suffers trauma to the bones at the base of their neck, say from a slip and fall, an accident or a sports injury, it can result in posture change which can, in turn, cause the ribcage to shift along with spinal and pelvic muscle groups. The result over time is that pressure on the discs in the lower back wear down and cause major trauma to the nerves. A principled chiropractor will treat both the posture change in the upper neck and its resultant effects in the lower back and pelvis rather than simply addressing the resulting pain in the pelvis.

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