True chiropractic care in a principled practice believes that bodily health exists when the body is in a state of wholeness; it understands its own constantly-changing needs, and is able to respond to them on its own. Chiropractic care doesn’t heal injuries; rather, it helps the body to engage its own incredible natural healing abilities.

Preventative health care focuses on your entire nervous system: your brain, spinal cord, and every one of the millions of nerve connections throughout your body. It monitors your entire body and all its needs, to help control and coordinate the necessary responses that allow the body to learn, adapt and constantly maintain its own health and wellness.

Preventative Health Care vs. Sick Care 

The common health care model in the United States is the sick care model. It only looks at your body after symptoms of illness present, and then considers how best to treat these symptoms. When one considers that there are thousands of syndromes, diseases and health issues out there, this creates an equal number of potential complications and problems with treating sickness.

The preventative health care chiropractic model, on the other hand, is entirely natural, non-invasive, doesn’t rely on chemicals, and looks to the root cause of your underlying health issues. At Authority Chiropractic, Dr. Thor is focused entirely on correcting spinal subluxations to allow your whole nervous system to communicate better and increase the body’s overall healing abilities. This improves your ability to adapt to stress and a variety of health conditions, and helps to restore you to normal, healthy and optimal function.


Chiropractic can restore your natural healing capability, and provide increased vitality, energy, bodily functions and overall health. If you’re considering a taking authority of your health, give us a call and schedule an appointment today.

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